A Moment of Time

Shock and surprise,

in the blink of an eye.

I’m still a kid myself!

This twenty year old guy.

Being a father

to another human being,

living a simple life

of wiping and cleaning.

Every other weekend

she’d spend with her mom.

I was a full-time dad,

a damn lucky one.

Definitely scared,

not sure what to do.

I got the hang of it

as day one turned to day two.

Friends are going out

to celebrate a birth.

I’m staying in tonight

to change more diapers.

She is my Kiddo,

my first love of my life.

The only thing she asked

was for a little of my time.

Seven years later

she’d go live with her mom.

Losing custody of your kid

is an emotional bomb.

It felt like I’d lost

everything I had.

To lose the opportunity

of being a good dad.

Months would go by

I was only to blame.

I started hating myself

by guilt and the shame.

People would ask me

“Hey, what happened to Gen?”

I was forced to lie

to protect the last thread within.

And when I look back

now being 12 years older,

I’ve forgiven myself

for this bipolar disorder.

As time moved on,

almost five years to the day,

humility converted

into a new humble strength.

Regardless of how

who what why or when,

if you have the time

you must give it to them.

The first seven years

was perfect and meant to be.

It solidified our relationship,

nothing can come in-between.

So invest your time,

be present and persistent;

My promise to you:

It’s a solid investment.

Don’t ever give up,

and don’t be discouraged.

It may be hard right now

but one day it’ll be worth it.

And even in the times

of feeling downer than down,

what saved our relationship

was simply being around.

-Jon Vaughn

Author: Full Time Daddy

CEO of Olive Us, LLC Founder of GenesisCCM.com Single dad to two amazing daughters

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