Potty Mouth

I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for AVEENO. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Unexpected moments are the ones we cherish as parents. When #AVEENO asked me to take part in their #UnscriptedBeauty campaign, they wanted me to share one memory with my daughters that was totally unplanned. If you’re on #Instagram, post your moments using #AVEENO #UnscriptedBeauty #Contest for a chance to win AVEENO products and a photo shoot with the famous Danielle Guenther. Check out AveenoUnscriptedBeauty.com for more info. This is a paid #ad but honestly, I’m glad to be a part of this campaign. I would have done it for free but don’t tell them that. Here’s one moment that I’ll never forget, even if I get Alzheimer’s.


She stood there, facing the toilet with her training pants pulled down below her knees. She was two years old and in the midst of potty training.

There are plenty of books you can read on teaching your child to use the loo; I haven’t read a single one. And being a single dad, I would need to take my daughters with me when I had to go. For the most part, I had no other option. Whether I had access to the comfort of the family bathroom at Target, or had to settle with a Porta-Potty at the local fair, when it was time to go, I had to go, and they had to go with me.

For some parents, closing that bathroom brings a brief sense of “me time” – even if it’s to painfully relieve yourself of last nights dinner. The feeling can be indescribable, just a few short minutes of being by yourself, catching up on Facebook. If it’s just you and your child at home, leaving a two year old on the other side of a locked door probably isn’t the best idea. For me, whether I had to sit or stand, she’d be right there by my side; she always was, and I didn’t mind.

So as she was standing tall that day with determination covering her face, she clinched her little booty and added a slight arch to her back. And then she demanded, “I WANT TO PEE LIKE DADDY!”

And even though having pee sprayed all over the bathroom like adding Mentos to a soda bottle, it was then that I knew I was doing something right. No book, no plan, and no protocol; it’s the beauty of life with children, you never know what to expect but it’ll be good. The AVEENO #UnscriptedBeauty campaign is what reminds me that as much as I try to prepare my daughters, the awesomeness of being a parent has everything to do with those unexpected moments. There’s no preparation for it and that’s what makes being a parent absolutely wonderful.


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